mufflers, GT take-offs on a v6

Since I was asked a few weeks back and forgot, I finally put together a
quick web page to show how I cut the hole for the left side pipe on my
v6 to make room for my dual exhaust, the GT take-offs.
I cannot stress enough how much I don't like that template I found for
marking where the cut should be. It's mentioned on the web page and here
is the same link.
That pdf printed way to large. I can't remember how small I scaled it
before I thought it would work, but even then it was a PITA to place on
my bumper and tape in place in such a way that I would have been
comfortable cutting up my car.
On a side note,
I got my SCT programmer! Way cool! So far I've only used the 85 octane
tune, and firmed up the shifts to the 15% setting. It shifts so much
better now.
I love that thing! I will buy another for my next mustang.
I thought there was a performance tune and a gas mileage tune, this is
not what the thing does. Instead it optimizes for 87, 89, or 91 octane.
I don't know where I got the performance/mileage tune idea from.
I was hoping it would alter shift points, but it does not do that.
My 2009 likes to shift into O/D at about 43 mph or so. Way too early! So
it's not a big deal hitting the OD off button on the shifter.
The 4th - O/D shift would be the only shift point I would have changed.
The SCT tuner is an excellent tool. Lots of settings to play with. I
haven't had it long enough to check my mileage, but I'm pretty sure it's
I'm ready for my cold air intake now...
Which will be delayed due to a new water heater, new garbage disposal, a
new ceiling fan, and few bucks on paint. All put in last week.
Damn house.
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