Noise Level On Directional & Asymmetric Tires ? (and, relative to Nokian WR G3)

Son and I are both using Nokian WR G3 tires.He has a Subaru Outback.
He loves them in the snow and ice conditions, but is always complaining
about the noise on a dry road.
I have them too, on my 2009 Buick LaCrosse, but they seem pretty quiet
to me. But my hearing isn't that great anymore.
I looked into the tire specs a bit, and was surprised to see that
the Nokian WR G3 seem to come in different "flavors" depending on size.
My son's tires are "Directional", while mine are "Asymmetric".
So, I guess they mfg. them in very different thread patterns.
Could this be the difference in the perceived noise levels" ?
Just looked at the CR tire ratings, and for the Nokian WR G3 they
indicate the best rating in their group under "Noise".
But they don't say for what size tire they tested.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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Generally speaking tires show noise differences depending on milage. If your son has more miles on his tires its possible they've become louder.
I hope someone who knows Nokian tire, has experience with both types, directional and asymetric can answer your question in more detail.
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Small sporty cars are always noisier than big cars. I rent on average 2 cars per month with the car type being what ever is available at the destination. I usually wear ear plugs in small cars. Rented an Outback in Montana. It was a fun car but really noisy. Rented a Buick in Oklahoma. It was a nice car. Earplugs not needed.
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Paul in Houston TX

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