Toyota Camry XLE steering & sounds

i just noticed these problems on My 2002 Toyota Camry XLE I4, i
believe it was there since i bought the car which was 3 weeks ago.
makes wierd vibrations and sounds and stuff when steering in any
directions at low speeds, even if turned a little bit , such as
pulling in orr out of a parking spot, drive or reverse. i can feel the
vibrations in my pedals and my steering wheel, I have 2 week old, new
tires (Sigma Regent Touring) and my brakes were just serviced. My
powersteering fluid is full and there is also a clanking noise then it
sounds like something rolling in my trunk even though it is completely
empty, it only happens when it goes in reverse. My vehicle also is a
Certified Used Vehicle with the 7 year/blah blah mile warranty. It
currently has about 15900 miles and there is no signs of of the
problems when traveling at higher speeds (about 3mph or more). My
vechile travels towards the left but that can be fixed with an
aligment proboloy.
Also, proboly just me getting static eletricity but. my car keeps
shocking me when i touch the door panel after getting out of the car,
to close the door, touching anything other then the plastic door
handle. Doesnt shock me when i enter. lol does it EVERY single time
and it hurts for a second, but its very annoying
is there any suggest to whats wrong to both the steering and sound?
is it covered under the certified car warranty ?
pretty cool to find a 02 camry xle with only 15500 miles on it (power
moonroof, JBL, rear spoiler, softly driven) =) but it has some
annoying problems
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