Weight an 04 Camry can hold

Groups Google+ Gmail Web more ? alt.autos.toyota.camry How much weight can my Camry carry ? 5/3/08desgnr 97 Camry LE 4 cyl. I need to pick up some concrete pavers that are 2"x8"x16" & weigh 17 pounds each. I need 36 & the total weight will be 612 pounds. Can i put these in the trunk safely ?
5/3/08ransley - show quoted text - I dought it but stop loading when it sags, put some on the passenger floor, seat, and rear seat, I overloaded mine and broke a spring when hitting a bump.
- show quoted text - The suspension in the FOUR cyl. is the shits. ANother reason that I am glad that I bought the SIX cyl, unlike the cheapies here.
5/3/08ransley - show quoted text - You say "unlike the cheapies here" OMG wtf , what a big shot spender you are, it a dam Camry isnt it.
- show quoted text - - show quoted text - Who shit in YOUR Wheaties this morning?
- show quoted text - You are the one complaining about tire sensors being a waste of money, and calling everyone with a 4cil "cheapies" read your posts, and quit smokin whatever it is.
5/3/08zonie I went on a toyota parts book from a dealer in my area to find out that the springs on a 4 cyl and 6 cyl camry are the same. where could the difference be? Scott
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