Another Miata Owner

All these years of pestering people about the Miata virtues, pointing out
$3,000 examples in the Sunday paper, letting them drive mine while hoping to
drum up some company in Miata-hood among my friends it has finally happened.
I got an e-mail from a friend in New Jersey telling me he is picking up his
MazdaSpeed Miata this week. Over a year ago a bunch of us went to North
Carolina to mountain bike Tsali and drive US 129. We had my Miata, an RSX
and an Audi TT. Some flew in and arrived in a Chevy Tahoe, but nobody is
rushing out to buy one of those.
So Steve remembered the outstanding Miata drives on the Dragon and decided
to enter the Brotherhood. The only problem is I'm green with envy.
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Ken Lyons
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We returned from a Colorado vacation last year and saw a pristine white '90 in our next door neighbor's driveway. He said he'd been watching us for years, returning from drives with big grins, and he wanted a piece of the action (he's about 65). He's not really an enthusiast, but he certainly seems to be having fun--so far he's added FM Duals, Altezza taillights, and Moss lo-pros. A Robbins cloth/glass top is still waiting to be.installed.
Guess I need to talk the two widowed sisters on the other side into getting a smurf...
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Lanny Chambers
That's awesome when somebody 'gets it', I'd be green with envy too about him getting the hot rod version especially! Well, you let him drive yours right?......... I'd expect him to return the favor! At the dragon would be good / fair!
Chris 92BB&T
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Chris D'Agnolo
Just checking out mx5 sites and came across your post. So I just dropped in to say thanks. Wish I had purchase a Mazda sooner. The Speed is one fine car and to my surprise milage is well above what I expected. Last weed on a trip to lancaster, Pa. all highway she got 32.7 mpg. Not much less then the Sentra that I traded. Steve
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Stephen Jensen

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