Value of 35th Anniversary Mustang GT

I am looking for an educated opinion concerning the value of my 35th Anniversary
edition Mustang GT.
It is a convertible with a black top and has the 4.6L engine with a 5 speed
manual transmission. It is
Performance Red in color. It has all original equipment except for a new fuel
pump and dual Magna Flow
exhaust tips. It just hit 13K miles and is is super condition. It is my
understanding that there were
4000+ 35th Anniversary editions manufactured with 1555 being Performance Red.
Of these 1555
only 671 were convertibles and of these 671 convertibles only 283 were 5 speeds.
Any help anyone
can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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Congrats on hanging onto yours. I have a 35th An Edition also. The more common coupe and auto in metallic silver. 57K, all original. Do you still have your "gift box" with the model car and stuff? I don't think they are old enough yet to have too much added premium for being the limited editions. I never see any of them on the road anymore. Used to see another one maybe once every two years but not lately.
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Ashton Crusher
Yes, I do have the gift box. However, and since I am not the original owner, it is not complete. I have the 3 disc CD set, the CD case with the embossed 35th Anniversary Logo on it and the key fob. I do not have model car or the hard cover Mustang Chronicles book. I do have the Mustang 1999 brochure, the 35th Anniversary floor mats (still wrapped in plastic) and the entire window sticker (embossed) showing the price of my car as $31,050.00. The decal that came with the gift box was placed on the front of the gift box itself by the original owner.
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Don't know if they still make them but Maisto made and sold the same model at retail. I bought one at Costco around 2001. There's one on ebay right now
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I left my floor mats in for a month or so and then realized I should take them out. I only drive the car less then 2000 miles a year now. I plan to be the old guy at the car show with his old car he bought new "years ago".
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Ashton Crusher
I'd love to have that red convertible*. As is always the case, it's worth what you can get for it. Seems to me a search might yield the recent sales prices for similar cars without the distinctive configuration, and if it were me, I'd double or triple that as an asking price, depending on what they are going for. Cruise Hemmings' ads, for instance.
This is not an offer. Just a wishful thought. Where is the car now?
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Frank S
I recently purchased an all original white with black top convertible limited edition automatic with 10k miles in August 2015. The owner was asking $17k and I purchased it for $11k as she needed the money. But I wouldn't have much trouble selling it for $15k or so. I took it to a car show this past weekend and several people wanted to talk about the car saying that they don't see many on the road anymore. Great car that should maintain this value long term and likely increase in value as time goes by as long as the mileage stays low. Hope you enjoy yours for years to come.
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99 Stang

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