97 Z71 Steering Problem - won't turn left

I have a 97 GMC Z71 extended cab with 207,000 miles. I replaced th
worn out original steering box with a rebuilt box from GM and had th
truck aligned. After the alignment the steering wheel turned 1 3/ turns to the right and only 1 1/4 turned to the left. The left tir rubbed the lower A-frame when turned to the right and the right tir was about 1 1/2 inches away from the lower A-frame when turning left. I ordered another box from GM and installed it - same problem only thi box puked fluid out the top so ordered third box and GM pitman arm. Th pitman arm had been replace around 150,000 miles with a moog part. Hav since tried a donor box off of a 97 regular cab Z71. Have replace steering box, pitman arm, idler arm, all four tie rod ends, powe steering pump and lower steering shaft (all new GM parts - except bo which is only available as rebuilt) and still have problem. I hav owned truck since new and it's never been wrecked and alignment sho says frame is straight. There was a slight difference in the moo pitman arm and GM part. and when I took in to the alignment shop th first time the tie rod ends had been adjusted all the way to one side I assume to solve this problem when the pitman arm was replaced. have measured the distance from the center to center of the tie ro ends on two other trucks and one side is about 1 inch longer. My truc has the 1 inch difference but it is on the opposite side. HELP! I there a difference between steering boxes on regular and extended ca trucks? Could one of the spindels be bent? Could problem be i steering column
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