Anyone replace the muffler on their Chrysler 300m? What did you use?

I've been looking into various brands (Walker, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, etc) and can't really find anything made with stainless steel that matches the dimensions of the factory OEM muffler.
The 300m has a muffler AND a resonator under the rear of the car. The tail-pipe comes out the resonator (which looks like a muffler but apparently isin't).
The original muffler shell measures 18" long, 12" wide and 6" high (oval profile).
I can find some aftermarket stainless mufflers that are 18" long, but their oval profile seems to be quite a bit smaller (5" by 8" for example).
For non-stainless types (aluminized) the Walker 21375 seems to be a good match - but I'd rather replace it with another stainless steel one if I can find it.
Any ideas?
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MoPar Man
Unless you're doing an exact MoPar replacement then as long as the lengths are correct you shouldn't be concerned. I've not seen any performance exhaust mufflers that are perfect matches.
I replaced my factory exhaust system with a Borla SS set and the pipes were larger in diameter, there was no reasonator and the mufflers were smaller. But the double walled chrome tipes still came out the back where they should be. And there is no comparison to the tone improvement.
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My current muffler is still functional and intact, but when-ever the car has been put on a hoist, it's been pointed out that the muffler has many outer-shell perforations - none of which seems to be causing any changes to the exhaust sound.
The only thing I want out of my exhaust system is for it to be quiet.
I have no care or interest at all to try to achieve any sort of exhaust tone our particular sound. Just quiet. Urban life is noisey enough as it is.
I'm wondering if the degree of "muffling" is proportional to muffler volume...
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MoPar Man
You could wrap the muffler with metal tape like they sell in home depot for ac ducts (metal tape, not duct tape). My main worry with perforated muffler would be exhaust gases getting into the car.
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