Will this fit?

My heater matrix is leaking (steam on the windows, coolant in my radio!) so
its dash-out time to see whats going on.
Assuming that I'll need to remove the matrix and replace it, is it easier to
replace the whole heater box?
If so, will this >
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fit in my early 1992 model? This one is from a 1989...
1992 Range Rover Vogue SE
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It's such a foul job to replace either the complete heater or just the core that I wouldn't use a second-hand core.
Changing the core is not the difficult job that the seller implies. - getting it out to be in a position to change the core is another matter!
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So is it worth just getting a new core and replacing the current one, keeping the existing heater assembly? I've read that its going to be a pig of a job to get to which I'm up for....(think I'll live to regret saying that)...someone said that when Land Rover designed the Range Rover, they put the heater assembly on the floor and then built the rest of the vehicle around it!
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Just to get it into perspective I checked RAVE - the time allowed for replacing a heater matrix is 6 hours so if you get 2 blokes to help.................. Derek
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The matrix burst on my 91 RR and I decided to renew the matrix with a reconditioned one. The replacement was a brass one and the burst one was all aluminium.It wasn't a straight swap though and I had to file down some of the heater 'inards' to make it fit, I prefere the thought of a brass one against an aluminium one. I lost my patience trying to get the two halves of the heater together, so I had to return the next day and finish the job. My RR has the air con and has a couple of flaps internally that all need to line up with various holes as the two halves are put together , you also need to clip the halves together as you go before putting the screws in. Installing it wasn't as bad as getting it out though, but still just a dead fit and more patience.
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Bill Payer
I've always used Serck Marston (just called Serck now, I think), since I needed one doing on a SD1. They quoted less than half the labour of anyone else, due to them doing all the police vehicles which had meant them needing to find a quicker way than removing the dash on the SD1.
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On or around Mon, 22 May 2006 21:12:32 GMT, "Derek" enlightened us thusly:
...they get in eachother's way.
seriously, I've done it on a disco. dash out and back in again was about 4 hours. But there's very little scope for more than 2 people - you could shave a bit of time by having 2 people, one each side, undoing fastenings.
remember to mark the steering wheel and shaft before you remove it so you can get it back in the same place.
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Austin Shackles

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