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2010 RDX Trans Fluid Replace

author: BF posted 09-23-2015

Just got a warning to change Trans and Diff Fluids at about 85,000 miles. Is this a calculated warning based on miles and driving conditions or are there sensors that actually detect fluid conditi... read more »


remove lumbar support

author: ann posted 12-07-2014

I just tried to purchase a TSX 2012-2013. This car is perfect except for the seats... The driver seat has adjustable lumbar support (which I can adjust so a short drive is ok) but the passenger canno... read more »


Letters and numbers

author: jacobite posted 09-25-2015

Should a new car come with letters and numbers. I have recently bought a new 118d xdrive but nowhere are these shown.(makes me worried that it may not be new) read more »


Hi. If someone can help me to solve a problem I have on my Panda with Dualogic?

author: Richard posted 06-21-2015

I put my Panda in N shift, with the key at the MAR position (without starting up the engine) and push the car about 1 m (to roll it with the engine off) and then put the parking brake. I left it like... read more »

ÇáÈÑäÇãÌ ÇáÝäí : ÇÏÇÑÉ ÇáäÝÇ íÇÊ ÇÓØäÈæá – ÊÑßíÇ 15 Çáì 24 äæÝ ãÈÑ 2015 ã

author: Ahmed AHAD posted 09-29-2015

ÊÏÚæßã ÇáÏÇÑ ÇáÚÑÈíÉ ááÊäãíÉ ÇáÅÏÇÑíÉ æÍÏÉ ÇáÈÑÇãÌ ÇáÊÏ ÑíÈíÉ ææÑÔ ÇáÚãá áÍÖæÑ ÇáÈÑäÇãÌ ÇáÝäì ÅÏÇÑÉÇáäÝÇí... read more »

dodge dakota engine swap

author: anglia48 posted 09-30-2015

i have two dakotas 2000 4.7 with a bad motor a2002 with a good motor and transmission body is very rusty will the 2002 3.9 engine and trans go into the 2000 without much modification both trucks... read more »

2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo v6 4.0 is stalling, backfiring, shaking, sputtering and shutting ff while driving or stopped it doesnt matter.

author: jenn posted 10-06-2015

if anyone is having issues with stalling backfiring sputtering and/or shutting off please complain to this site and encourage a recall for this issue in the 2000s model or less jeep grand cherokee la... read more »

97 Cadillac STS, radiator leaks water from top corner of passenger side

author: Sam posted 04-23-2015

It doesn't seem to be losing water while I am driving but as soon as I stop, all the water comes out of the top corner of the radiator on the passenger side. Sometimes it overheard when i dont pay at... read more »

Any difference in appearance of the strut between performance handling package and non-php model of 2000 Chryser 300M?

author: Tokyo 300M posted 09-29-2015

Hi there I am riding my 2000 300M in Japan (very rare) but I'm not sure if mine is with php or not. I think Chrysler Japan has sold only one model/trim as simply 2000 Chrysler 300M as mine. No choice... read more »

Classic Cars

body i d numbers 54 2 dr hardtop?

author: noglass posted 06-13-2015

Body i d 54 2 dr hard top? Not concerned with individual unit number. I am trying to find a supplier for the windshield and back glass. One supplier needs the body i d to check avaliablity.Any help w... read more »

Will a 1957 chevy truck hood fit a 1955 (second series)

author: Matt posted 02-15-2015

I have a 1955 chevy truck second series that has a poor condition hood. I can get my hands on a 1957 chevy truck hood at a good price. The seller says it will fit no problem. Does anyone know if it w... read more »

Request for group feedback...

author: Edd Hartley posted 03-03-2010

My name is Edd Hartley and I am a UK based professional photographer who specialises in vehicle and automotive photography. I am working on a project to offer professional car photography to member... read more »

vinyl over the wall nut on the door of humber super snipe

author: humbersuper1961 posted 10-10-2015

Hi again looking for some more information on my humber super snipe , on al l four doors at the top of the wood trim is vinyl and it needs replacing it all cracked and broken some of it is missing... read more »


1996 f250 5.8l wants to stall in stop and go traffic--bad gas?

author: BHf250 posted 08-29-2015

It starts fine in the morning and running it on the highway to work but as soon as I get to the first stop light it begins to idle erratically and wants to stall, until I put my foot on the gas and 1... read more »

2006 Explorer

author: RedAlt5 posted 10-03-2015

Ref 2006 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 6cyl. The engine is now making 3-5 revolut ions before it starts, then runs good. Took it to a shop and everything ch ecked good on the diagnostic machine. Mechan... read more »

2008 Dashboard radio controls

author: Chicago Paddling-Fishing posted 09-21-2015

Hi, I have a 2008 focus with the 6 cd changer. Earlier this year it jammed and I spent $3xx getting the dealer to pull out the CD player and send it back to ford for repair. About 2 months ago I ... read more »

Almost complete - 2000 Ford Explorer Limited with Saleen XP8 Carbon Fiber Hood, Spoiler and Speedline Magnesium Wheels

author: Spanks posted 09-16-2015

From my previous two threads http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t32834755 and http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t36290769 The Saleen XP8 Carbon Fiber / Composite Hood and Rear Wing Spoiler h... read more »

98 ford mustang, 3.6 fuel injection.

author: shaw posted 08-30-2015

Downshifting is not smooth but normal fluid level read more »

General Motors

OT wire sealing tape for vehicle

author: Stormin Mormon posted 10-09-2015

I've got a Chevrolet van that doesn't run when it's wet out. Earlier mechanic had done some diagnosis and looking around in the wiring harness that goes from the engine to the computer. Makes me ... read more »

Ignition Switch Recall: Lock Cylinder Instead Of Key Modification ?

author: Bob posted 09-17-2015

Hello, Had the key modified per the recall, but still don't feel safe. Seems like a very poor, and cheap, solution to a potentially bad problem. If one complains to the dealership, are they author... read more »

Wipers don't work in delay or slow speed, sometimes

author: Lorenzo posted 10-08-2015

My Pontiac 2000 Grand Prix wipers work intermiently. They sometimes won't operate in delay mode, and at other times not in slow mode. They always work in fast speed. The problem first started when... read more »

PING: DAD! question about c4 ecm problem

author: hyflyer posted 09-16-2015

I have a 1990 C4. base engine, 6 speed. All of a suddent it would start locking out my ignition as if it where reading my key chip as invalid. 5 minutes later it would reset and I could get it star... read more »

Electric Air Pump Motor A.I.R. Smog 12555164 is taking up too much room

author: Desertphile posted 10-08-2015

My year 2000 Chevy Tahoe has a Electric Air Pump Motor to help re-introduce hydrocarbons from the exhaust manifold to the air injection system, to reduce emissions. This is a good thing, and all ca... read more »

Rednecks Dream Car

author: cazza13 posted 07-21-2015

Check out this camouflaged Camaro. View the attachments for this post at: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?p53635020#353635020 read more »

Still kicking...

author: shanewarfel posted 09-13-2015

The Firebirds are gone, along with the books and magazines. So are the long hours of replacing things that weren't broke to make the car faster. If I see a second generation Firebird broke down a... read more »

misfire in cylinder 3

author: frustrated2015 posted 09-13-2015

i have a 97 saturn sl. it burns oil, blue smoke, hesitates, oil in airfilter and is throwing a code for misfire on cylinder #3. i have changed spark plugs, wires, both coil packs, fuel injector for #... read more »


2014 Accord EX-L Pecuiarity

author: Dave posted 10-08-2015

This one had me perplexed for a while. Earlier today when I tried to close the trunk lid, there was an immediate series of beeps and the lid would po p open. This happened several times in a row... read more »


Electrical oddity - followup

author: Evan Platt posted 10-10-2015

Hi, I have a 2004 Sonata. A few months ago, the right side door light began to randomly go on and off. (this is the light by your foot but on the door itself). The dome light did NOT go off. The d... read more »


Anyone know how to remove the front grille on a 1999 Isuzu Amigo

author: Rich posted 07-05-2015

I know there is a screw by the emblem & the the 4 tabs at the top.....but on mine there are tabs located under the headlight that I can't seem to figure out.. How to release or get to. This is the th... read more »


1998 Jaquar XJ8 trunk wont open battery has power

author: Patrick posted 08-14-2015

I boosted the battery with a100 amp 1000 watt battery charger now the trunk wont open with remote the key or switch in car battery has power read more »


You are going to have to wait now until 2017 for your new Kia GT

author: MummyChunk posted 08-10-2015

> Well if you had your hopes up to have a shiny new Kia GT parked in your driveway by now - take another breath because it appears now you will have to wait until 2017. > > On another note, you a... read more »


New Lexus owner

author: badgolferman posted 04-21-2015

Greetings Lexus owners! I have purchased my first Lexus, a 2013 Lexus RX350 FWD with 16K miles. I have owned three Camrys, a Sienna, Avalon over the years and decided I wanted an SUV this time. Th... read more »

Maintenance and Modifications

Identify this car for me please

author: Dave Baker posted 10-10-2015

http://thumbsnap.com/xatUROXm Nissan I think from the badge but I can't identify the exact model and year. -- Dave Baker read more »

Bad Cat.

author: Peter Hill posted 01-28-2014

Jaguar's response to Merc chicken advert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi08c_siQys&sns=em= -- Peter Hill replace nospam with domain host name to reply read more »

EPA: what about ship diesels?

author: pedro1492 posted 10-10-2015

Container ships typically used low-speed two-stroke diesels running on long-chain fuel oil, so thick it that has to be heated. Furthermore the fuel is often made out of liquid dirt from Russia or ... read more »


Are you ready for the NEW Mazda Koeru? Its coming to Frankfurt!!!

author: MummyChunk posted 08-10-2015

> Here is a sneak peak of the all new Mazda Koeru which is coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show. Koeru means Go Beyond or Exceed and judging from this latest take of Mazda's Kodo design - we agree th... read more »

Help with Kraft Werks super charger

author: Clark Friedrichs posted 09-30-2015

I own a 2003 Mazda Miata and I purchased and installed a Kraft Werks super charger system early in 2011. This particular version didn't come with a inter cooler and had the Super Card Fuel Manag... read more »


Vacuum lines daigram M110 W126 280Se

author: Buribenz posted 09-27-2014

I swapped the top of my engine. Some of the vacuum lines were left on. After all the alignments we find that we are unsure about some of the vacuum lines. We also have a no start. It appears as if th... read more »

New batery for Mercedes 500SL

author: johntaylor posted 09-30-2015

MB 2005 500SL uses 2 batteries . One on the engine compartment and another on the rear trunk. I have replaced the one on the back but now the one in the engine compartment is finished. Dealer wan... read more »


Compair mini aoto transmission vs mannual

author: chinthakasri1982 posted 05-10-2014

I am going to rebuilt a mini rover classic car and I would like to put a automatic engine. Please be kind enough to acknowledge me what I'd good auto or mannual? read more »

Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid out for a snowy stroll

author: cazza13 posted 02-07-2015

Really anxious to see what this plug-in has to offer. The Mini has come a long way from a little laugh to one of the hottest little cars on the road. FROM: AB When Mini launched the Countryman in 2... read more »


2001 Mitsubishi Diamante running rough and using huge amounts of fuel

author: Harleybob53 posted 06-03-2015

Drive my car yesterday and suddenly it start running very rough, smoking (bluish) and using huge amount of fuel. It also smells strongly of bad or partially unburned fuel. It made it home and still r... read more »


Frontier: why do 2012s predominate in used-for-sale listings?

author: mailbox posted 09-22-2015

I'm in the market to buy a used Frontier (truck) manual/4x4. I couldn't help but notice that on sites like CarGurus and Cars.com, the 2012 year easily outnumbers all other years in the for-sale... read more »

Engine stalling on idle (warm/hot)

author: con posted 07-15-2015

can anyone tell me how to clean a throttle body on a 2000 nissan maxima read more »

Dealer Fuel System Service?

author: JimR posted 07-24-2015

My Nissan dealer is recommending a Fuel System Service on my 2010 Altima with 61,000 miles. What is it? They want $249 which seems pricey to me. What would you do? read more »

Other Makes and Models

citroen xantia alarm problem!!!

author: Georgie posted 10-01-2015

*Hi my citroen xantia* has a code for the alarm. Recently my husband changed the battery and when i went to put the code in, it wont recognize it at all. Nothing!! what can i do? the normal code is ... read more »

Mobile Mechanic Charges (UK)

author: species8350 posted 10-03-2015

Hi, I am using a mobile mechanic to repair my Pug 205 GTI. I am unsure what constitutes reasonable charges. The mechanic has removed the battery for recharging and testing, and will be replacing t... read more »

Range Rover Evoque convertible to go on sale next year

author: cazza13 posted 03-05-2015

Looking forward to seeing more news about this new Evoque as well as photos. FROM: ANE A convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque will go on sale next year, Land Rover said in a statement. Fo... read more »

Exmoor Trim

author: Bob Hobden posted 09-29-2015

Considering getting their DIY seat covers for my 90, anyone any experience with them and how good and how easy to fit is the product? -- Regards Bob Hobden 1986 90 Utility 2.5 petrol http://www... read more »


Porsche will buy 25% stake in carbon fiber maker

author: cazza13 posted 03-05-2015

Good move on Porsche! Now lets get another 007 Movie rolling and see a new Porsche as the beauty car. FROM: ANE Porsche plans to buy a 25 percent stake in a German carbon fiber producer, widening ac... read more »


battery drain problems

author: roly posted 07-25-2015

saab aero auto convertible 2004 new battery fitted after 1 week goes flat overnight alternator checked fine right charging ampage fine when starting in morning no radio no indicator warning noise or ... read more »


New Legacy Limited

author: Howard Lester posted 10-09-2015

I got my 2016 Legacy three days ago. I couldn't stop smiling on the 30-mile drive home. But with all its electronics, touch screen, Eyesight, everything... I'm overwhelmed! I'm almost afraid to d... read more »


2015 Prius MFD resets every 5 minutes multi function display

author: Frustrated posted 08-28-2015

Dealer ordered another but is irritating I have to take it back two times to get it fixed. read more »

Replacement parts - Rack ends for a 2000 Toyota Corolla

author: DK posted 10-07-2015

Hi, can anyone tell me a good brand name I can buy for my toyota rack ends except for agents ? read more »

How to change lower oil pan on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 v6 4L?

author: badtiming22 posted 08-26-2015

I have looked on the web and have call the shops but cant see how changing the oil pan will take 7 hours to fix. My truck is leaking from the oil plug and I believe it is stripped. I have ordered ano... read more »


VW "Bug-In" N.CA Mckinleyville.

author: Shoe-Chucker 2 posted 07-25-2015

I might even sell my '71 K.G. Aug. 1st. Pierson Pk. on Pickett rd. be there or... not. -- Karma ; what a concept! read more »

2015 Jetta SE TSI AM radio frequency interference

author: physicsprof1915 posted 08-19-2015

I have a 2015 Jetta SE (1.8 liter gasoline engine) that I bought in February, 2015 Has any one encountered the following problem? With the engine running (either at idle or at higher rpm): *Int... read more »



author: Ann posted 09-20-2015

*Reset outside temp. readings on the dashboard--outside readings started reading 191 F for outside temp. and it is normally around 60 F or so here and I wonder how would I reset it back to a base of ... read more »

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