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Classic Cars

1955 engine colors

posted on 12-05-2016

Mention was made in a previous post of a large dealer showroom book which shows the correct 1955 engine colors. How might we obtain one of these boo ks, or possibly a color scan of that particul... read more »

Front crank seal.

posted on 10-23-2019

Dribble from the front crank seal on the SD1 has changed into a flood. Did change the seal not that long ago, and noticed the pulley assembly had a deep groove where the seal rubs. So the new seal ... read more »

1971 Ford F-250

posted on 07-15-2018

I am listing a truck for sale for my mother. She says it has a rebuilt motor with around 1,000 miles on it. The motor is dirty and my mom says it's because there is a hose missing and it's blowing d... read more »

MG5 European Prototype (?) spotted in Colorado with reluctant chinese driver

posted on 12-29-2013

I thought everyone might like this. MG Prototype spotted in Colorado. Don't take any more (pictures)! --chinese guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRakRcBLokg Yeah I know only the old cars are c... read more »


Here comes the 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid with Acura NSX Tech

posted on 03-15-2017

> Using the Hybrid tech of the new Acura NSX - here comes your 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid > > From AB > > > > If you like the hybrid tech of the Acura NSX, but don't need a six-figure, 19... read more »


Wow - here is the all new 2018 Audi RS 5 coupe. Adds some spice to the Audi Sport model line

posted on 07-16-2018

> Check out this beautiful green 2018 Audi RS 5 coupe. Audi has added this head turner to the Audi Sport Model line which is sure to attract some attention. > > > > HERNDON, VA, March 12, 20... read more »


1988 BMW 735i

posted on 11-25-2018

I'm actually wanting to sale my 88 735I BMW. It needs a head gasket possibl y. It just ran hot and I parked it cuz I had to buy a larger vehicle anyway . I don't want a lot for it either although I... read more »

General Motors

GM is selling Lordstown to EV maker

posted on 11-10-2019

I know many in Ohio have probably wondered what GM was going to do with the Lordstown assembly plant that was shuttered. Well it appears now they have an answer. From AB General Motors confirmed on T... read more »

Electric Chevy E-10 concept truck sounds like it has a V-8

posted on 11-10-2019

I am imagine that electric vehicles sounding like combustion engine vehicles is only a passing trend until some of us older people have died off. From EG Ford isn't the only automaker who rolled into... read more »

Remove exhaust donut gasket residue?

posted on 08-14-2019

I'm trying to replace the donut gasket on our 2008 Pontiac Vibe (rebadged Toyota Matrix) -- the donut at the connection between the pipe connected to the resonator and the pipe connected to the m... read more »

Saturn 2002 SL2

posted on 03-14-2019

Car will not stay idling or rent I replace spark plugs thermostat Cadillac converter please tell me what's going on with my car it was running fine an d all of a sudden on my way home it just shut... read more »

Looking for a tire recommendation

posted on 01-26-2019

Hello, I don't know if anyone still checks out this group, but I thought it might bring people out of the woodwork. I have a 1982 Corvette that is getting ready for new tires. The old ones are... read more »

How efficient is a gas engine?

posted on 11-27-2018

Gas engines are internal combustion engines that operate on gas fuels such as coal gas, producer gas, biogas, landfill gas or natural gas. http://bit. ly/2P4EtUz In the UK, the terms are ambiguous... read more »

New Teaser for Camaro Track Concept

posted on 03-06-2017

> In a stunning green - here is the new teaser from GM for what is sure to be a beastly Camaro concept. > > From CS > > > > Chevrolet has released an intriguing teaser image of a special C... read more »


1983 CJ7 Hazard Lights Won’t Stop Flashing

posted on 03-12-2018

I have a 1983 Jeep CJ 7, and I cant seem to find a switch or toggle to stop the hazard lights from blinking. The only way I can get them to stop is by pressing on the brake. As soon as I release my... read more »

1972 Plymouth Fury Windshield Washer Reservoir Needed

posted on 11-25-2018

Hi - I've tried, unsuccessfully, to find a replacement windshield washer re servoir for my 1972 Plymouth Gran Fury II (C body) car. The part number is 3431154 They are not making it anymore and... read more »

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi questions

posted on 05-21-2019

Anyone know where to obtain and original owner's manual for this pickup? Not the online downloadable ones, but an original paperback one. I also have not seen any photos of the back seat area when ... read more »

Here comes the 2020 Fiat 500X Sport

posted on 11-13-2019

Fiat has turned up the heat with this hot little Fiat 500X Sport From AB Fiat trotted out the new and improved 500X at the 2018 LA Auto Show. This year the Italian carmaker follows up at Automobility... read more »

2006 srx running issues

posted on 05-26-2016

I have an 2006 SRX 3.6and number 4 cylinder was misfiring so I swapped number 1 and 4 coil packs to see if it was the coil pack and now it will start then quits tried leaving the battery unhooked fo... read more »


Introducing the new Ford Mustang Mach E - starting at $43,895

posted on 11-15-2019

Well folks its finally here the electric mustang by Ford called the Ford Mustang Mach E. It starts at $43,895 I think this is a big warning shot across Teslas Bow. Things are about to get a whole lo... read more »

Ready to Rock RTR shows us what they can do with the new Ford Ranger

posted on 11-10-2019

The tuner RTR who is affiliated with Ford has taken the new Ranger and released this package. Im sure as the new platform matures we will see even better examples come from other tuners out there. ... read more »


posted on 10-28-2019

2011 Ford explorer 4x4 Rotors, are the front and back interchangeable read more »

Aftermarket CD player install causing car to not start!

posted on 04-20-2019

I bought an aftermarket cd player as well as the install kit and wiring harness. Followed basic directions to remove factory. Then followed instructions on wiring harness install and then mounting ki... read more »


2000 Honda Civic, Wet Floor, Driver Side Front

posted on 12-26-2018

Hi, I have a 2000 Honda Civic 4 door sedan. It is outside all the time (no garage). We had a lot of rain this year. The floor on the driver's side front is wet. I looked at the windshie... read more »


You will now pay $750 more for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata

posted on 11-10-2019

Even at $750 more it still seems that the 2020 Hyundai Sonata is quite a bargain. Has anyone actually driven the newer version of this vehicle? How does it compare with the previous generation? From ... read more »


1989 4 cylander 5 speed won't start

posted on 09-13-2017

Went to the store came out truck would not start replaced fuel pump fuel filter still won't start turns over fine any suggestions I would be greatfull read more »


What a beautiful custom 1974 Jaguar E-Type for SEMA by Chip Foose

posted on 11-08-2019

> The 1974 Jaguar E-Type was already beautiful - but after Chip Foose worked his magic on this example - all I can say is wow wow wow > > From AB > > > Avert your eyes, purists. California-b... read more »


Rear suspension 2014 Sportage

posted on 02-21-2018

On rough roads/bumps there is a small knock from left rear suspension. Sounds like a shock absorber bush is on way out. Checked it visually and tugged/levered on various bits with no sign of movem... read more »


Sway Bar Upgrade

posted on 12-19-2018

I'm interested in sway bar upgrade for better handling. Any recommendations for 1999 Lexus GS400 ? See Sway Bar Upgrade here... https://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/a/lexus-is-gs-performance- modifi.. read more »


Its time for MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018

posted on 07-16-2018

> Ok eastcoast and westcoast MINI enthusiasts. It is now time for MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018 Hope to see your there > > > > Munich/Orlando/Portland. A two-fold start signal will launch the ... read more »

PIC: Special MINI vehicle auctioned off at MINI Design at the Festival of Speed 2018

posted on 07-12-2018

> A very special MINI auction at MINI Design at the Festival of Speed 2018 > > Wow - what a great looking MINI. Wonder who the lucky high bidder will be > > > At this years edition of the... read more »


Please remove my post from 1999

posted on 04-23-2019

Hello, I need to remove a post from 1999 that is no longer rrel relevant nor usefu l as I was really young and new to this but now with the rise of social med ia I do not want this information abo... read more »


04 Quest

posted on 03-14-2019

Sliding door and hatch stopped working. Hoping it's a fuse. Anybody know where it would be located? No manual. read more »

'04 nissan maxima cold start rattle

posted on 08-18-2017

I recently bought a '04 Nissan Maxima with a 3.5L v6. when I inspected the car it was warm and i didnt notice the rattle. when the vehicle is cold ONLY it will rattle for 1-2 seconds and disappear. ... read more »

Dealer Fuel System Service?

posted on 07-24-2015

My Nissan dealer is recommending a Fuel System Service on my 2010 Altima with 61,000 miles. What is it? They want $249 which seems pricey to me. What would you do? read more »


Porsche Groups

posted on 09-01-2019

Anybody have a list of Porsche related Google Groups. I can 't get any to appear, even one I know exists!!! read more »


Parasitic battery drain - What is considered too high?

posted on 11-15-2019

Car: 2017 Subaru Outback Limited Parasitic drain: Current draw on battery with car turned off. If the car sits idle for more than a week, it may not start. The battery has been drained. I bought... read more »


Land Cruiser and the Fiestone air-ride helper air bags

posted on 10-22-2019

I have installed (professionally by a dealer that does this sort of stuff) the Firestone air bags that go inside the rear coil springs. For the THIRD time, the air lines have kinked. This, of course,... read more »

Toyota Camry and Avalon finally getting AWD

posted on 11-13-2019

Its about time. Toyota has announced that the Camry and Avalon will FINALLY get AWD. Time to get out the check book From AB The best line in Toyota's press release announcing the availability of all-... read more »

Dexron type ATF power steering fluid

posted on 12-25-2018

The cap on the power steering reservoir says to use Dexron type ATF. When I went to parts store they didn't have any in the power steering fluid section. The sales person pointed out transmission flu... read more »

Re: Toyota Prius Memochat

posted on 05-19-2019

On 19 May 2019, unclejr posted some You can buy a refurbished matched battery from green tec auto for $1000. They work like a champ. As for the mileage, we put one of those batteries in a 2010 ... read more »


Is this part correct for 1993 S90?

posted on 11-06-2018

My husband's 1993 S90 had a problem with the heater/AC. We'd turn the AC on this summer, and heat would pump out. The mechanic said it needed part num ber 3522797, which I found on the Volvo Parts... read more »


Bug Me Video DVD Set

posted on 08-23-2019

I have a full 12 DVD set of the Bug Me Video set for sale. $250 with worldwide shipping included! Email me! --------------= Posted using GrabIt =----- read more »

golf SE ground clearance

posted on 08-03-2019

A bit of a stab here. My son just bought a 2016 Golf SE (nice little scoote r) and also just moved into a new apartment. The complex's parking area is accessed off the street via a very steep ramp... read more »

Other Makes and Models

Looking for a Land Rover RDS 3.12

posted on 10-24-2019

Hi Team, im looking for a RDS version 3.12 Could you please share it, if it possible and can do it. CD or ISO. Thank you in advance. read more »

407 warning lights

posted on 05-12-2019

Hello all I have a 2007 Peugeot 407 SW 2 litre diesel that has done 105,000 miles. I have owned this car for 15 months. Shortly after I bought it I was driving when the emission control warning l... read more »


posted on 02-22-2018

2018 Citroen C3 Aircross 1.2 PureTech 110 Feel 5 door Petrol Hatchback. ... 2014 Citroen Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e HDi 90 Airdream VTR 5dr AUTOMATIC WHEE... ... 2006 Citroen C5 2.0 Diesel MOT 24... read more »

Here comes the Range Rover Velar

posted on 03-02-2017

> Here is the incredible new Range Rover Velar. Quite a looker and some even better stuff underneath that skin. > > From AB > > > This is Range Rover's crossover, the Velar. As you might re... read more »


99 Miata Idle problem

posted on 04-04-2019

Just let the car warm up it then idles fine. I usually drive it slow first 8 minutes then its fine. read more »

Mazda 3 rear seat removal

posted on 05-09-2019

We need to replace a seatbelt on a 2007 Mazda 3. Any idea on how to remove rear seat squab so we can access the seatbelt mounting bolts? Many Thanks KJ read more »


Mercedes has decided to bring us an electric G class

posted on 11-10-2019

I have to admit that the new G class is quite the vehicle. They really hit it off with the redesign keeping it very true to the original. The quality of this vehicle as well as other models in the Me... read more »

Mercedes (Benz) SUVs' Outdated Maps?

posted on 06-12-2019

Hello. Is it me or are Mercedes SUV (e.g., 2019)' digital maps outdated like closed roads? Google Maps and Apple Maps show them close and correct. Thank you for reading and hopefully answering so... read more »

Maintenance and Modifications

Odd Marks

posted on 11-16-2019

Any idea what this tide mark sort of thing on the sound deadening material on the underside of this bonnet might be: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0z5yeZFha39rf It's a 5yo Focus a pal is l... read more »

Daytime Running Lights and indicators

posted on 07-29-2017

Anybody got any experience of these: http://tinyurl.com/yao843rj (link goes to Ebay) They're apparently a straight swap for the indicator bulbs. In DRL mode they show white, then in indicator mo... read more »

2004 camry le 4 banger - how do I find the right front brake pads

posted on 11-07-2019

2004 camry le 4 banger - how do I find the right front brake pads and rotors at the best price? It's making noises when I brake like scraping metal but very high pitched. What's the right brand an... read more »

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