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Classic Cars

1955 engine colors

Gerek posted 12-05-2016

Mention was made in a previous post of a large dealer showroom book which shows the correct 1955 engine colors. How might we obtain one of these boo ks, or possibly a color scan of that particular page? We are looking for de tail specifics for ... read more »

Will a 1957 chevy truck hood fit a 1955 (second series)

Matt posted 10-26-2014

I have a 1955 chevy truck second series that has a poor condition hood. I can get my hands on a 1957 chevy truck hood at a good price. The seller says it will fit no problem. Does anyone know if it will? I know there are some differences in the front... read more »

Request for group feedback...

Edd Hartley posted 07-09-2009

My name is Edd Hartley and I am a UK based professional photographer who specialises in vehicle and automotive photography. I am working on a project to offer professional car photography to members of the general public who love their cars. Thes... read more »

Robert Hugh Fearon Anderson

Robert Mulain posted 09-04-2016

It seems (according to his grave) that this man died at Silverstone almost 50 years ago, August 15th 1967. I vaguely remember his funeral/interment as a schoolkid - and recently 'cleaned him up' a bit. Anyone know anything ab outthis remarkable ... read more »


Acura recalls 2013-2014 ILX, ILX Hybrid over fire-prone headlamps

MummyChunk posted 11-11-2014

The Acura ILX just can't seem to catch a break. From AB Statement by Acura Regarding Headlight Recall: 2013-2014 Acura ILX 07/08/2014 - TORRANCE, Calif. 14,078 model-year 2013-2014 ILX vehicles affected in the U.S. Halogen projector beam he... read more »


Startup will make your Audi A4 self-driving for $10k

MummyChunk posted 02-12-2016

Audi is on the cusp on Self Driving becoming affordable. From AB Elevator Pitch: Cruise is the first highway autopilot for your car. It uses cameras and radar to keep your car in its lane and a safe distance from the car in front of you. ... read more »


BMW Service in Greater Seattle area?

Ed Presson posted 12-25-2016

Does anyone have experience with a BMW service mechanic that they would recommend in the North Seattle/Shoreline/Lynnwood/Edmonds area? read more »

General Motors

how to access the inside of fuel tank on chevy colorado diesel 2017

Blake posted 12-23-2016

i have bought Fitch Fuel Catalyst, drop in pellets. for 20 gallons, you use 8...which i have. but all new vehicles have the anti spill/siphon screens. Does anyone know a way i get them in tank? This stuff is not snake oil...it really works. the r... read more »

Dead Electrical 1996 Ford Ranger

Snuffy \"Hub Cap\" McKinney posted 04-05-2016

Out of the blue, I turned the key and the started jerked and stopped. Next turn solenoid clicked only. After that no sound on turning key. No radio, panel lights, headlights, etc. My guess at this point is that there is a bad negative grou... read more »

2008 Vibe HVAC control lighting

Percival P. Cassidy posted 12-15-2016

One of the bulbs illuminating my 2008 Vibe's HVAC controls seems to be intermittent. How do I access the bulb, and what type is it so that I can replace it? Perce read more »

c6 interior question

ralphee posted 09-18-2016

Hello. I went to look at a friends corvette, he is selling.. i have had a 76, 93, 96, 00, 01.. at various times. The one i saw today is a dark red 06 convertible. he is not sure of the pac kage. ie. 1lt, 2lt. my question is about the seat. ... read more »

so I replaced the crankshaft sensor, the timing chain, and put in a new distributor. Now t...

dougbrewer posted 12-15-2016

so I replaced the crankshaft sensor, the timing chain, and put in a new distributor. Now the friggin check engine light is on and it says crank sensor which is not the direct problem, truck rins fine but resetting the check engine light repeatedle... read more »

2016 Chevrolet Camaro powers up, slims down

MummyChunk posted 02-04-2016

Don't be fooled by its familiar appearance, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is vastly different than its iconic predecessors. From AB Redesigning the sports coupe was a heady task, especially as its archrivals, the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger... read more »

Still kicking...

shanewarfel posted 04-09-2004

The Firebirds are gone, along with the books and magazines. So are the long hours of replacing things that weren't broke to make the car faster. If I see a second generation Firebird broke down along the highway I have an ext reme urge to help t... read more »

2002 sl1and 2002 sl2 have both

Steven moen posted 10-07-2016

Sl series .both have severe oil leaks on motor and I've seen many others .but I can't find out where it's coming from .I pressure washed it clean .it leaks can't find it .engine was coated with oil really bad gets into belt pulleys,soaks the insula... read more »


Hi. If someone can help me to solve a problem I have on my Panda with Dualogic?

Richard posted 06-21-2015

I put my Panda in N shift, with the key at the MAR position (without starting up the engine) and push the car about 1 m (to roll it with the engine off) and then put the parking brake. I left it like that for about 20 minutes and now the car doesn't ... read more »

Caravan 98 It has spark, It has fuel, will not start Codes said, PCM Internal fault, Repla...

tesla sTinker posted 06-29-2005

Grand Caravan SE will not start. Changed PCM, because it gave a code 53. Was driving along and all of a sudden, blank. Dead. Lights on dash odometer went out at that moment when it quit. Turned key, tried to start, no lights on dash. Turned ... read more »

NHTSA investigating Ram 1500 models for rear differential failure

MummyChunk posted 01-21-2010

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and its Ram brand following a number of reports regarding the 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. From AB Date Investigation Opened: JUN 24, 2014 Date Inve... read more »

Timing chain keeps breaking

Giggs toy posted 11-29-2016

Hi I inherited my dads 71 cj 5 I grew up in the back seat it is very special to me any way before he passed he built the odd fire v-6 and had nothing but trouble finding the correct timing chain we thought we had the rite one but I found out the har... read more »

2006 srx running issues

jim1975 posted 05-26-2016

I have an 2006 SRX 3.6and number 4 cylinder was misfiring so I swapped number 1 and 4 coil packs to see if it was the coil pack and now it will start then quits tried leaving the battery unhooked for 15minutes to reset the computer and turned the ke... read more »

Disable limp mode! chrysler cirrus 98'

Michael Whorton posted 06-25-2004

Okay my car is a beater and i only use it to get to work. It went into limp mode and the code says p0700 generic transmition problem. Is there a way to disable limp mode so i can continue to drive it until it dies? I cant afford a new trans..thanks g... read more »


1999 Ford Explorer V6 won't start on first try

Taxed and Spent posted 12-25-2016

This has just started happening. When left overnight, the engine won't start at first. I have determined that if I turn the key on and wait, then turn it off (sometimes several times) the engine will start and run fine. And restart just fine.... read more »

a little rant

Aj St. Johns posted 12-29-2016

Ok, so as you know, due to my belt squeaking, I decided to not only replace it but the tensioner and idler pulley too. Normally, this wouldn't seem that tough of a job, except...... Since I could see that none of my existing wrenches were goin... read more »

Ford Focus Mk1 Electrical Problem

Ben Clayton posted 10-10-2016

High there, I'm in need of some help. My mk1 Focus is behaving strangely and I wondered if anyone had an ideas as to the cause. I think it's electrical. It started two weeks ago, a few days after I fitted a new usb cable to the head unit to connect m... read more »

New (to me) 2000 Ford Explorer Limited - 5.0 - AWD - Pearl White

Spanks posted 02-19-2016

Well, the 94 Green/Teal limited finally moved on to other pastures and I had the opportunity to pick up a PRISTINE 2000 Ford Explorer Limited with the 5.0 Liter V8 Motor, All Wheel Drive in White Pearl Clearcoat Metallic with the Med Prairie Tan Inte... read more »

Ford F-35 Lightning II Edition Mustang appears at EAA Oshkosh

MummyChunk posted 09-30-2003

Ford is back at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, WI, on July 31 auctioning off its seventh Mustang for charity, and this is one seriously mean looking 2015 'Stang. From AB Ford F-35 Lightning II Editio... read more »


Oil filler cap broke

cameo posted 12-12-2016

I was trying to add oil to my '94 Accord LX and when I finally managed to unscrew the tight filler cap I noticed that the cap was sheared off the hollow threaded part. It was strange because I was able to unscrew the threads with my bare finger... read more »


Cranshaft Sensor Replacement -- 2004 Santa Fe 3.5L

TomR posted 07-27-2015

I posted previously about this on 8/4/2016, subject: "Check Engine light after starter replacement". But, I decided to start a new thread about replacing the crankshaft sensor. Here is what I found out before: ‚ÄúI took it to AutoZ... read more »


Anyone know how to remove the front grille on a 1999 Isuzu Amigo

Rich posted 07-24-2004

I know there is a screw by the emblem & the the 4 tabs at the top.....but on mine there are tabs located under the headlight that I can't seem to figure out.. How to release or get to. This is the thin part of the grill that runs under the headli... read more »


Jaguar confirms XE reveal for September 8

MummyChunk posted 02-24-2016

I can't wait to see it! From AB WORLD PREMIERE OF ALL-NEW JAGUAR XE ANNOUNCED FOR SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 - The all-new XE will be a Compact Sport Sedan from Jaguar - The XE will go on sale in 2015 in Europe, and 2016 in North America - The lau... read more »


Auto-dimming rearview mirror?

Yousuf Khan posted 12-02-2016

Okay, so I'm renting a Kia Sedona for the next week or so, while my own car is being fixed. I've read the owners manual, but it hasn't really helped much. This vehicle has got an autodimming interior rearview mirror which doesn't seem to dim at... read more »


2005 LS430 Glove Compartment Light Replacement

anonymous posted 07-14-2016

My wife's glove compartment light in her LS430, has died. As I learned today, as it was in the dealer for oil change, inspection. etc. The story I get from my wife is that apparently, to fix the problem, is quoted at ~$126.00. I'm no mechanic, bu... read more »


classic mini cluth

ruwan posted 11-05-2016

Hi , Im from Sri Lanka. im driving classic 1000cc carb manual mini for 2 years now. I went through a surgery few months back so because of that its hard for me to use the clutch but i dont want to get a auto mini, Is there a way to reduce the pressu... read more »

Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid out for a snowy stroll

cazza13 posted 10-24-2006

Really anxious to see what this plug-in has to offer. The Mini has come a long way from a little laugh to one of the hottest little cars on the road. FROM: AB When Mini launched the Countryman in 2010, it emerged as the brand's first all-wheel-d... read more »


4G15P engine's auto gearbox ( 3 forward gear ) dipstick can be flung off by humps on roads...

pbx5619 posted 10-14-2016

ATF inside too, then torque convertor can't work, only lock up clutch can. Users better tie this dipstick to something firm, or replace dipstick with e.g. a ( lighter ) plastic plug. read more »


Nissan Maxima Odometer

RobertK posted 11-11-2014

2000 Maxima odometer display erratic information. Cannot read actual mileage. Everything else okay read more »

Dealer Fuel System Service?

JimR posted 07-04-2015

My Nissan dealer is recommending a Fuel System Service on my 2010 Altima with 61,000 miles. What is it? They want $249 which seems pricey to me. What would you do? read more »


Like Porsche Cars? Join, Pledge in Crowdfunding Campaign for VIP Book Top10 World Best Eli...

streaminfobrokers posted 06-29-2016

You are specially invited to Join, Pledge in Crowdfunding Campaign New 2016 first in world VIP Book Top10 World Best Elite Luxury Cars! Watch this invitation on Youtube as Video with Music https://youtu.be/hVDMiOHz0v4! The 2014 Porsche Panamera ... read more »


2000 9-5

cole posted 10-17-2006

Gas tank door doesn't open. Tried new O ring - didn't last. Any suggestions? read more »


Differential and transmission fluid change?

Yousuf Khan posted 12-30-2016

So, today I called two different dealerships to get the price for a differential and transmission fluid change charges at their locations. One dealership says that a transmission fluid change necessarily means that the front differential fluid ... read more »


Used 2009 model

Shaine Lee Mata posted 10-26-2008

I purchased a used 2009 model with about 120K miles. I thought I would inherit problems; but, a friend of mine owns a Prius with more than 200K. He says all he has had to do is get oil changes and rotate the tires. I am happy with my purchase. read more »

2005 Camry XLE heating working after coolant flush and refill but not blowing heat on pass...

TCW posted 04-02-2011

So after a quick trip to the mechanic, I have heat again after a coolant flush and refill....kinda. Heat is now blowing from the driver's side vents but passengers is blowing cool. What does this mean? Mechanic said thermostat and water pump appea... read more »

1991 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 random problem with not starting after warmed up

Handyman posted 11-01-2016

I've got a 1991 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 with a 3.0 V-6 and 460,000 miles (it i s nearly broke in) that has been my daily driver for the past 25 years. L ast Friday I pulled the plenum to replace the small 8mm (5/16") u-shaped co olant hose tha... read more »


Front door lock won't unlock and the door is open

carterbear1@gmail.com posted 08-25-2004

I was trying to re-position the driver's side front door lock as it tends t o stick. I moved the latch two stops upward and it stays locked. I can't fi nd the release mechanism, so now I can't unlock the door, nor can I fully c lose it. To make ma... read more »


1971 VW Westy for sale Florida $10K OBO

raver007 posted 01-27-2016

I have a 1971 White VW westy for sale in Central Florida. New Engine with 2000 miles on it. No leaks, all original interior available but not instal led. Original Tent, screens Front Cot, manuals, lots of parts, New heater boxes in 2007, No l... read more »

Other Makes and Models

Citroen C5 3.0 Exclusive auto 2005

mathias.elonga posted 08-01-2016

Good day. Does anyone know if the ES9J4S is an interference engine or not. Thank you read more »

Land Rover fails in its bid to block Chinese copycats

ChoppedNuts posted 08-13-2006

Whether it is smartphones or vehicles, there is just no respect for the creation of something. Anyways, no person with money is going to buy this knockoff. I want the real thing! FROM: EG China is famous for many things, but a deeply-held respe... read more »

2004 Land Rover td4

Steve posted 08-18-2016

Regarding my 2004 td4 I have two problems. Firstly I had a new clutch a fortnight ago and previous to this performance and power was fine however now after 2,000 revs it struggles to accelerate and appears very loud it isn't getting its turbo boost. ... read more »


2016 Mazda2 revealed

MummyChunk posted 02-24-2016

Here is a sneak peek at the 2016 Mazda2 ahead of its official debut. From AB ALL-NEW 2016 MAZDA2 MAKES GLOBAL DEBUT IRVINE, Calif. (July 16, 2014) ¬Ė The all-new 2016 Mazda2 was today unveiled in Japan by Mazda Motor Corporation (MC). Ma... read more »


XS11E posted 03-12-2011

XS11E <xs11eNO@SPAMyahoo.com> wrote: I need one, any preference between Westco and Autozone? My local Autozone has a battery for my 1992 Miata and Batterys + has the Westco. My results with Westco (my last two batteries) have been very m... read more »


Vacuum lines daigram M110 W126 280Se

Buribenz posted 09-27-2014

I swapped the top of my engine. Some of the vacuum lines were left on. After all the alignments we find that we are unsure about some of the vacuum lines. We also have a no start. It appears as if the engine stutters but no real firing. Please help w... read more »

Mercedes rolls out Sport Package Plus for CLA250

MummyChunk posted 07-05-2003

If you dig the style of the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class but can't quite stretch from the $29,900 MSRP of the CLA250 to the $47,450 CLA45 AMG, we've got a bit of good news for you: Mercedes is offering a new Sport Package Plus for the CLA250 that at least... read more »

Maintenance and Modifications

Foam in wheelbarrow tyres then become flatproof ?

john.west posted 12-30-2016

Foam in Allotment wheelbarrow tyres become flat proof ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQbRfspyxW4 What kind of foam might we be able to get in the U.K. ? read more »

brakes: which brand are best?

Stephen posted 10-17-2016

Hello, I need to change the rear brake pads on my 60 plate 2 litre diesel Mondeo. I see there are a number of different makes available, so I started googling to find out which, if any, is best but the more I read, the more contradictory and con... read more »

What does "urging" a clutch pedal mean versus what is a "treading" force?

Frank Baron posted 12-25-2016

What does "urging" the clutch pedal mean? (And what is this "treading" force?) Everyone with a Toyota-4Runner 3rd-generation manual transmission and similar Toyota Tundras and Toyota Tacomas has a problem that a certain tiny... read more »

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