1980 Ford Ranger barn find

I was at a friends garage helping with his Ford Ranger that's been stuck in the garage for 19 years. We jacked up each wheel and inflated the tires, but 2 wheels are still stuck. We'll eventually use a bigger pry bar on them, the lug wrench loosened the other 2.
My grandpa's values say we ought to sell it to some poor person. I don't know what the original fault was with it. It's not great, some wheel well rust, bad paint. Anybody know if wheels stuck by rust on barn finds is hard to fix? or do you just swish 'em around until they are free?
He's got to get rid of it to make space for his classic car. The evil village is sending threatening letters about it.
Web pages say the value of the truck might be -$4, but the cap alone ought to be worth a few bucks.
I don't know if villages in PA are more or less evil than other states.
Nils K. Hammer
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Front or rear? Brakes are likely a mess.
The stuck brakes are likely the least of your worries. I'd see about getting a new battery in there and trying to get the engine running off an external fuel supply before making any decisions. Yes, there will be a million vacuum leaks and you will need to rebuild the carb.
If you like fixing cars and have some extra money lying around, this might be a fun project, but I think you'll find few people willing to take it.
Is his classic car also mostly rust and sitting in parts in the driveway?
If it runs, it's likely worth $500 because anything that runs is worth $500. I doubt you can get it running without spending more than $500 though. Even if it was running when it was put into storage you're in for hoses, belts, brakes, carb gaskets and float, just to begin. If it wasn't running when it was stored, you've got the original problem to deal with too. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
Oh no, the guys classic car looks good. It needs brakework, exhaust work, and paperwork. I like to think we only need to bleed the brakes, but I may be fooling myself. Anybody here near western PA? got some teenagers you want to start teaching gearhead stuff to?
Nils K. Hammer
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Wait... Did you say "garage" - as in, enclosed structure with a closeable door? Should be of no concern to the communists down at the village hall, as long as taxes on are up to date!
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The almost ready to go classic car has been put in the garage. It should be safe. I will go again and see if we can clean out the garage enough to put the truck back in so they will both be safe. Thanks for the notes about playing with barn finds. We might work on the truck someday. I'd sure like to borrow one now and then.
When dragging the truck out, one wheel was still stuck. We made a track of wet boards for it to slide on. I used a come-along to drag it 2 inches at a time. Eventually the last wheel loosened up.
I'm pretty sure the motivation of the evil bosses is to eliminate the humans so land can be given to a brother-in-law or development corp.
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