Rebuilding AC compressor on my 2004 Nissan Xterra.....?

I am thinking of rebuilding my AC compressor... So I am wondering where I can find parts and a instructions to do so....? Looked at the factory service manual and there is none. Also tried searching for parts, but have not found any so far....?
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Randall Shimizu
Don't bother, buy a replacement. Find one you want at, then buy that one at Amazon and save shipping costs.
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You may find seals and bearings but the rest isn't really available unless you buy in large quantity as a wholesale re-builder. As for instructions, I've never seen any on the newer ones.
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Steve W.
I got a new compressor with pulley and clutch for about $140.00 on eBay. At that price rebuilding, or getting a rebuilt one, was not an option.
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