Wont stay running...

My car ('87 Bonneville) would start, stay on if I keep the gas pedal down, but only briefly, then shut off. All the lights are on, except engine. Tried switching burnt spark plugs, but also didnt work. 74,000 original miles. What else can it be?
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Pontiac 231? Dualjet carb?
This is typical of fuel starvation issues.... runs fine until the carb bowl empties and then it stops because the bowl isn't being filled as fast as it is being emptied. Is there fuel in the carb? Is the float collapsed? Are you still using the original fuel filter that came with the car?
After 30 years you can expect that a lot of rubber parts will be failing, it may just be easier to send the carb in for a rebuild if there is anyone left still doing that. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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